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Perefct assets ...

Extensive experience with big brand sush as Maserati ad Alfa Romeo.

Our Play To Earn videogame built with the Unity game engine. 

We developed a proprietary algorithm to make huge collections while keeping the quality high

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

Perefct assets ...



Our team just bagged the startup of the year award at the MET AMS conference! An honor that is a testament to our innovative approach and our potential to make a significant impact

The stage at the Met Ams 2023

The stage at the 2023 MET AMS. Credits:

Today, we want to talk a bit about us! In the past few weeks, the entire PIGIAMA KASAMA team has been incredibly busy, not only with the many new projects we're working on and will soon unveil- We've also been invited to participate in a series of events dedicated to technology and new developments in the field of immersive technologies to both connect with other inspiring creative companies and individuals and promote our own creative projects.

The first of these events was the MET AMS: an amazing event full of visionary speakers and creators, in which we were once again left in awe by human creativity and the community's ability to blend business and entertainment. Alongside with us, there were numerous tech-heads from around the world who gathered in Amsterdam to showcase to the world the incredible creative potential stemming from the development of technologies such as AI, AR, VR, XR, 3D, and Web3.

And guess what? At the MET AMS conference PIGIAMA KASAMA clinched the coveted STARTUP OF THE YEAR Award! 🏆✨

A distinction we didn't expect that holds even greater prestige for us. To be awarded as startup of the year in such an incredible environment in front of a community so rich with ideas, innovations, and creativity—in the city, Amsterdam, that until a few years ago, was a dreamland for us as a place where develop innovative ideas and give full expression to our creativity, is no short of amazing.

We couldn’t be prouder! THANK YOU

And as is customary on such occasions, we can't help but begin with expressions of gratitude, to which we'd like to add a brief reflection on success and the world of technology and, above all, the extraordinary community that animates its realm.

First, let us just express a big THANK YOU to everyone who is been part of the dynamic squad of young, passionate minds, hailing from diverse backgrounds, that has made possible this adventure. Together, we form the beating heart of PIGIAMA KASAMA! ❤️

The announcement of the winners of the MET AMS Award.

Hard work, fun and curiosity: how we cooked this delicious chestnut 🌰

Our journey has truly been an incredible adventure that none of us would have even dreamt of when, as young European computer and technology enthusiasts, we decided that making a living out of our creativity in Amsterdam wasn't just a foolish dream of youth; it was, instead, the first step to fulfill our dreams in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Together, since 2022, we’ve built a team that's not just a Creative Production Studio but a dynamic ensemble of designers and developers, each with a unique story and background, blending experiences from all over the world to expand our passion and curiosity. With dedication, hard work, but also having fun and discovering a world of new incredible opportunities every day, we've woven success, delivering projects that have left an indelible mark across diverse sectors.

The story of PIGIAMA KASAMA began by assembling a powerhouse team of designers, developers, animators, and marketers. Then our digital presence took flight with the launch of a website and the establishment of a robust social media footprint. We didn't stop until we secured our first 10 clients, consistently delivering top-tier work to each one, solidifying our standing in the market. The team evolved into a collective force, and our client roster burgeoned beyond our initial goal.

In just over a year PIGIAMA KASAMA has created more and more projects for other start-ups and established companies bringing the contribution of our innovative marketing and branding solutions to many different sectors: fashion, art and culture, furniture, automotive and components, gaming, publishing, energy, marketing, institutions and politics, real estate, sport and entertainment. Financially, we reached our revenue target—a reflection of both our team's commitment and the trust our clients have vested in us.

The video profile of PIGIAMA KASAMA for MET AMS

What has set us apart?

Our approach consists in integrating competencies and technologies simultaneously:

- 3D design

- XR

- Videogames

- Software Development

- Web3

- User Experience

- Video Production

Even though we're rooted in Amsterdam, our identity remains strongly global and digital: the team of PIGIAMA KASAMA operate remotely on an international scale, unhindered by geographical constraints. We're not just colleagues; we're a network of friends and likeminded people fueling each other's creativity.

Our studio is a melting pot of ideas, every project is a canvas where we paint stories, breathe life into digital realms, and challenge the status quo.

The MET AMS conference victory is a shared testament to the collective brilliance of our team.

The best awards to win are customers. But success is more than just numbers

Tech awards, design awards, startup awards, blog awards … we ‘re aware that these accolades may not always accurately reflect the value of people’s work. We really believe that if someone’s work is truly remarkable, its greatness will shine through, sooner or later. If your idea is great, you will notice it by the growing audience, acknowledgment from your peers, satisfied customers, happy employees, and, finally, from a positive balance sheet at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, we want to express our gratitude to the entire global tech community because we also know very well that, in the early days of a startup, these important forms of social proofs can contribute to establishing credibility in the industry, attracting talent, and even attempting to secure funding from investors. Receiving positive evaluations from leading voices and international experts of the community of which we are so proud to be a part is not only an additional motivation for us to continue growing but also a sign of recognition that we are on the right path.

Our success is not just in the numbers but in the stories we've told and the experiences we've crafted.

From the metaverse to branded games, our digital footprint is a narrative of relentless innovation and passion. But what truly makes our story resonate with you, our community, is the spirit of collaboration and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It's not just about what we've built but how we've built it—by embracing every challenge and turning it into an opportunity.

Living our story, which is only just beginning, we've already acknowledged the most essential tool to succeed: the power of teamwork, networking, and community. At the end of the day: the power of people. The real catalyst for innovation is the creation of an environment that fosters collaboration, learning, resource access, and exposure. It is the interconnectedness within the tech community that often transforms individual creativity into impactful innovations. That's why we are so proud to have won this award, and we want to share it with all of you.

A demo during Met Ams 2023

A demo during Met Ams 2023. Credits:

What's next for PIGIAMA KASAMA?

More groundbreaking projects, more imaginative leaps, and more disruptions in the innovative worlds of 3D, XR and immersive experiences. As we gaze into the future, our focus remains unwavering: innovation, gaming, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients. Join us on this wild ride as we continue to shape the future.

Stay tuned for the next chapter because at PIGIAMA KASAMA, the story is just getting started! One chestnut 🌰 at a time! 🚀

Matteo and Paride


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