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Perefct assets ...

Extensive experience with big brand sush as Maserati ad Alfa Romeo.

Our Play To Earn videogame built with the Unity game engine. 

We developed a proprietary algorithm to make huge collections while keeping the quality high

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

Perefct assets ...



Our latest trips to Paris and the USA to find out about the most incredible innovations that are transforming the world

We've been quite the globetrotters lately, attending conferences in Paris, San Francisco, San Jose, and Boston, and a final pit stop at Spatial's HQ in New York!


Our journey began in February in Paris at the iconic Grand Palais Éphémère, where our CEO, Matteo Fanchin, participated in the NFT Paris Conference, the largest WEB3 event in Europe. There we focused on brand activation strategies and connecting with top developers in the European gaming industry. We also offered a sneak peek of our game "Kasama: The Awakening" on Finally, in Paris we met industry leaders such as Yuga Labs, Exclusible, Journee, and The Fabricant, and also revisited Future Front Row, an immersive digital fashion installation developed by Antonio Talarico and Isabelle Udo.


In March, we landed in California to visit San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. Matteo attended the prestigious NVIDIA GTC Conference to connect, learn, and share insights with industry luminaries, NVIDIA experts, and peers face-to-face. NVIDIA's technology breakthroughs are transforming various sectors including generative AI, healthcare, industrial digitalization, and robotics. Our main focus was to explore the Omniverse platform, enabling developers to design, develop, and deploy the next era of 3D applications and services: digital twins.

Later, we joined the 2024 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the game industry's premier professional event, for five days of education, inspiration, and networking. Here PIGIAMA KASAMA presented to the nearly 30,000 attendees "Kasama the Awakening," our upcoming video game on Spatial, and introduced our cutting-edge XR training application designed for the Space Industry.


April began with the New Space Age Conference hosted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Our CTO, Paride Stella, had a prime opportunity to connect with the leading minds in innovation, strategy, and policy, driving forward the next evolution of the global space economy.

As advancements in technologies continue and interest remains sustained, the space industry is expanding with new players. This annual conference provided an amazing opportunity to discuss the future of the new space economy and its evolving challenges and opportunities. We are at the cutting edge, integrating augmented and virtual reality technologies into the space sector.

New York

For the last leg of our grand tour, Paride visited our partners at in New York to discuss all the major upcoming developments on the Unity platform, especially Unity's support for visionOS development.

As developers interested in creating amazing new games and apps for the new Apple Headset, this was a fantastic opportunity to imagine the new kinds of applications possible in a world of spatial computing. We are ready to leverage Unity’s familiar authoring workflows, robust XR tools, and cross-platform compatibility to create immersive spatial experiences for a whole new ecosystem on Apple Vision Pro!


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