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Perefct assets ...

Extensive experience with big brand sush as Maserati ad Alfa Romeo.

Our Play To Earn videogame built with the Unity game engine. 

We developed a proprietary algorithm to make huge collections while keeping the quality high

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

UX / UI Desgin system for this innovative phone

Perefct assets ...

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October 2021


App Development, UX Design, UI Assets, Sound Design, Video production


With years of game development and design expertise under our belt, our team crafts bespoke Fortnite Creative experiences that align with each brand's distinct objectives. Tapping into Fortnite's vast audience, we offer brands a compelling avenue to connect with the sought-after gaming community in a meaningful manner.


The number of brands and retailers creating experiences and selling virtual goods on Roblox is growing fast, gaining attention from high-profile multinational brands looking to reach its highly-engaged, youthful audience. In Q2 of 2023, users spent an average of $11.92 a day on the platform. The gaming platform reported $2.2 billion in annual revenue in 2022, up 16% from 2021. Roblox monetizes experiences by allowing brands and creators to sell digital items in their in-game stores or on its avatar marketplace in return for its virtual currency, which users can purchase using real-world money. 

65.5 million Daily Users

Gaming platforms in the metaverse have become an essential part of younger generations’ daily digital lives as they offer a highly interactive way to connect and socialize virtually, with a heightened focus on personalization. Roblox is one of the largest metaverse platforms at 65.5 million active users daily spending an average of 2.6 hours on the platform, with over half of the Roblox community in Gen Alpha, younger than age 13


In addition to the app development, PIGIAMA KASAMA also made renders to showcase the Engineered Space Kitchen by Coesia and Giovanni Rana. These renders were created using the latest 3D modeling software and were designed to highlight the key features of the kitchen. The renders helped to provide a visual representation of the kitchen's design, which was crucial for the client's marketing and promotional activities.

Establish Your Brand's Presence in Roblox's Virtual Universe!

Considering establishing your brand's footprint within the Fortnite universe and boost brand value and visibility thanks to the power of entertainment? PIGIAMA KASAMA is the solution for enabling brands to create a highly customized, branded metaverse store across amazing platforms like Fortnite.

How we work together

Consulting & Proposals

Our talented team works closely with the client to develop an experience proposal that best translates your brand and message.


We continue to work closely with the client during development, incorporating their feedback through iterative cycles to ensure the final game aligns with their vision and meets their expectations.

Launch & Promotion

Once the experience is ready for launch, we offer promotional support by integrating it within existing Fortnite Creative games giving you access to millions of players weekly. In addition, we can provide promotional materials including a trailer and renders.

Updates & Maintenance

We offer the ability to develop future updates and provide maintenance for your experience.


Valentina Sumini, Andrea Valianti


Unity, Figma, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Rhinoceros, Substance Painter


3D Designer, UX UI Designer, Unity Developer, Project Manager

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